May 2023 Newsletter

May 1,2023
Hi to All Gala Members and Fans

Meeting was called to order by Bettyanne McGlinchey, President

31 members attended the meeting

Frances Thomason gave an update on the Quilt show to be held on april 22 at FT. Mitchell. 70 quilts were turned in so far. If you brought a quilt today and it has not been logged in please take out of stack and get logged in. If this is not done we have no information and it may not be displayed. All volunteers for the Quilt Show will have their name on a list given to people at FT. Mitchell entrance and you will not have to pay entrance fee. Volunteers are asked to wear pink shirts. There will be two groups of volunteers. One group will work in the quilt room and one group will work at sales table.

Our treasurer , Audrey Bergeron, is collecting yearly dues of $25. If you have not paid please contact
Audrey to make your payment.
Beth Hickman reminded everyone about the upcoming Kitchen Sink Quilt Workshop to be held on July 29. The cost is $10 per person. There is a limit of 20 people. The fee is not refundable but is transferable.

Beth Hickman gave an update on Glenna Shephard. She is recovering from bypass heart surgery. As long as her recovery does well, she will be able to go back on list for a kidney transplant after 3 months.

Bettyanne McGlinchey updated everyone regarding our workshop and program schedule.
Rosemary Dekker was not able to attend today to do our program.
There was some confusion about program schedule for May so Bettyanne said she would contact
Juanita Christian , vice president, to clarify that.
The workshop for May is the next Skill builder which will be on the Log Cabin. Sunny Pedigo will be our
Linda Hayes asked that anyone with UFO Challenge items to be sure to show them to her or send photos of completed item by the end of the day. Otherwise, you will owe a fat quarter.
An officers meeting will be held at lunch break at the May meeting.
Becca Chester an d Kathy VanCour drew numbers for BOM, Name Tag, and Sign in.
The BOM for April is the Pineapple pattern. Becca and Kathy showed examples of this block and
provided a demo on how block goes together.
The Quilts of Valor block that were done in 2022 need to be sewn together. It was suggested we have a sew them. Becca will work on some dates for us and we will revisit the idea.
There were several UFO and Show and Tell items shown.
Since we had extra time we went around told our names and shared a project we are working on.

The meeting was then concluded.

The afternoon workshop led by Frances Thomason on Free Motion Feather Quilting was attended by 8 members.

Respectfully Submitted:
Bettyanne McGlinchey, President

April 2023 Newsletter

April 6,2023
Gala Newsletter for all Gala Member and Fans

First l owe all of you an apology for not getting the newsletter done last month. I was sick and then the quilting show came up.
President Bettyanne McGlinchey called the meeting to order.
There were 21 members and 2 visitors present. Everyone took a few minutes to tell our names.

Linda Hayes gave an update on the Quilt Show to be held at Ft. Mitchell on April 22,2023.
Several places were announced where quilts may be turned in for the quilt show.
They are as follows:
Sewority Sisters Guild On Saturday , March 25, 2023,
Sunday Best Quilt Shop , Stitch Therapy Quilt Shop,
and Hometown Quilt Shop from April 4 thru the 13th .
Hanging of the quilts will take place on Monday, April 17. Each quilt will have a sign . Rosemary Dekker and Beth Hickman volunteered to put signs on the quilts when they are put up at quilt show.
Judging will take place on Wednesday, April 19.
During normal hours of operation the quilt guild will have members setting with the quilts on Friday. Sunday afternoon all quilts will be taken down.
Our sales table will be set up on Friday around 11 am. Pat Mistretta has Square so we will be able to take credit card and cash sales.
Anyone who is a volunteer for the quilt show will not have to pay an entrance fee at the gate at Ft. Mitchell.
All volunteers are asked to wear pink shirts any shade. Nametags will be furnished.

Linda Hayes: UFO Challenge
Today is the first due date. Please show completed items to Linda or send a photo by text or email by the end of the day, otherwise you will owe another fat quarter to the pot. Each time you complete the item listed on your form your name goes in for a chance to win all the fat quarters at the end of the challenge.

Cathy Poyner announced the Sewrority Sisters Quilt Guild is having a retreat and there are still someslots available . If you are interested please contact Cathy.
Rebecca Chester and Kathy VanCour did Block of the Month drawing which Alberta won.
Lee Ann Scoggins did the Name Tag drawing which Rosemary Dekker won.

The Sign In drawing was won by Lee Ann Scoggins

Updates on Guild members:
Juanita Christian fell last week while in Maine and has broken some ribs and has a large hematoma on her hip.
Glenna Shephard will have open heart surgery on Tuesday , March 21. When she recovers she will go back on list for kidney transplant.
Dixie fell and broke both ankles.

Next month our afternoon program will be free motion quilting feathers conducted by Frances Thomason. There’s limited seating . If you have signed up for this program please bring a sewing machine that is capable of dropping the feed dogs and please bring a table. If you have signed up for this program and cannot please let Frances know as there is a waiting list for this program.
Next month Rosemary Dekker will be presenting our morning program on preparing a quilt to be quilted on a long arm.
Beth Hickman reminded us about the Kitchen Sink workshop on July 29. There is a $10 fee which is non-refundable but can be transferred to someone else if you cannot attend. There are 10 signed up and 10 more slots available.
Linda Walker asked if there were more of the Guild information cards available . We will give them out at Fort Mitchell. Cathy Poymer will order more for us as there was a small quantity available.
Carol Bradshaw provided a program on Quilts of the Underground Railroad. Handouts included titles of print resources which she used to develop the program.
There were several items for UFO and Show and Tell items shared.
The meeting was concluded.
A ST. Patrick”s Day Tea was held . Yummy treats were enjoyed.
Our afternoon Skill Building Workshop was led by Lee Ann Scoggins. We learned techniques for 4 and 9 patch blocks. 12 members attended.
Respectfully Submitted:
Bettyanne McGlinchey, President

Newsletter for March 2023

Hi to All Gala Quilt Members and Gala Fans
Our February meeting was called to order by Bettyanne McGlinchey, President

There were 26 members present. Members took a few moments to introduce themselves.

Linda Hayes gave an update on the quilt show to be held at Ft. Mitchell om April 22,2023. An information checklist was given out and explained. All information and forms can be found on the GALA webpage online at under the Newsletter tab. Quilts entered in the show need a label, a sleeve for hanging, 2 copies of the entry form and a picture of the quilt. They must be in a cloth bag that can be tied or pinned closed. There re several drop off locations including the Gala Quilt Guild meeting on March 18,2023. (See
Information and Forms for more details.) Signup sheets for working at the show and the sales table were circulated.

Glenna Shephard spoke about a Quilt Workshop-The Kitchen Sink- that will be held July 29,2023 at First United Methodist Church of Phenix City at 1600 Sandfort Road. This is not a regular Gala Quilt Guild meeting. A Kitchen Sink can include orphan blocks, strips, pieces, etc. Ther is a $10 non-refundable registration fee. Seats are limited so sign up early. If you pay the fee and cannot attend you may find someone to take your place.

Our March 18th meeting is the Tea for this year. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite tea cup, tea bag, and treats. This is an opportunity to dress up and wear a hat. Bettyanne McGlinchey gathered names for a decorating committee and will lead the group .

Our second Skill Builder Workshop will take place following the Tea beginning at 12:30. Leeann Scroggins will email information out a week before our meeting to let you know about supplies to bring. Linda Hayes explained the UFO challenge and took forms and fat quarters from those who are participating.

Judy Lyons did a special workshop on Circles. There were 16 in attendance. Great job Judy.

We had 2 mini workshops in the morning. Pat Karlson was on quilting sleeves and Linda Jones was on rotary cutting. Both were very informative.

Rebecca Chester and Cathy Vancour took in BOMs from February. Agnes won the drawing for all the blocks. The BOM for March is green and white. Rebecca explained the correct way to cut the block and sew it.

Hometown Quilts provided some special door prizes that included storage boxes and quilt blocks. Prizes were given for name tag and attendance.

Linda Walker suggested we may some quilts for the church sanctuary as some of the people can use them during the service if they get cold. We will discuss this further at next meeting.

We had a great Show and Tell .

The meeting was concluded by Bettyanne McGlinchey

Respectfully submitted,
Bettyanne McGlinchey

2023 UFO Challenge

Gala Quilt Guild 2023
UFO monthly Challenge
This year you are being challenged to finish some of your UFO’s.
What is a UFO?

  • Any quilt related project or kit that you have started or
    have in your possession by March 2022.
  • These are YOUR projects, not things that you are making
    for others for pay.
  • A quilt must at least need a binding and a label to be
    considered a UFO.
    Do I have to make an entire quilt in one month?
  • No, if it’s a large project, it can be broken down into segments, one for each month.
  • If you are hand quilting a quilt yourself – break it down into doable parts. Show in the
    details on your list how much you plan to do each month.
  • Choose projects that have been started (but unfinished) or projects that need to be
  • The idea is to have some fun, keep the rules simple, and hopefully at the end of the year
    have fewer UFO’s.
    So, what do you need to do?
  • Sign up by the February meeting by
    o Completing the list of the 6 projects that you are planning to work on (be sure to
    make a copy for yourself).
    o Turn in your list to Juanita Christian along with 2 FAT QUARTERS entry fee.
    o Each person who signs up will be entered into a drawing for the fat quarters.
  • At the business meetings in March, April, May, September, October, and November,
    during Show and Tell, show what you have finished from your list that month.
  • If you do not complete what is detailed on your list, you will owe ONE FAT QUARTER –
    give to Juanita.
  • If you do finish what is detailed on your list, your name will be entered into the drawing
    which will occur at the end of the Challenge in December.
  • If you are not at the meeting for Show and Tell, you owe a fat quarter – UNLESS you
    send it by text to Juanita, email a completed picture to Juanita, or you have a friend
    bring in your completed project.
  • At the December meeting, a winner will be drawn to receive ALL OF THE FAT

Newsletter for February 2023

Hi to All Gala Members and Gala Fans

Our January meeting was a busy one as we started by presenting our finished quilts and bags of personal care items to Mother Mary Missions and Harbor House . All our quilts and bags were blest by the Pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church. Photos were taken by Toni Shah of Phenix City Citizen. There were a total of 68 quilts and 54 tote bags given. Each of the recipients received 34 quilts and 27
bags to be distributed to those being cared for by them. The meeting was opened by our past president, Linda Walker, who introduced our incoming president, Bettyanne McGlinchey there was a total of 32 previous members and 6 guests in attendance. Bettyanne welcomed everyone . Visitors introduced themselves and gave a little info about their sewing journey.

Vice-President Juanita Christian explained upcoming projects. I will be sending a new sheet of that info to you with newsletter. Judy Lyon talked about the upcoming workshop in February which is inset circles. A sign up sheet was passed around . Judy showed some examples of this technique . She will be sending an email with the needed items to bring to make this project.

This will run between February and May and again August thru November meetings. Sign up sheet will be passed out at February meeting.
Forms and guidelines were sent out in a previous email. A donation of two fat quarters is needed to participate. This is an accountability process to help anyone interested in moving forward with projects they have already started. If the stated goal is not met, and additional fat quarter should be donated to the “pot”. At the December meeting a participant will win all fat quarter that have been donated.

Fort Mitchell Quilt Show is coming up on Saturday , April 22, 2023. Our Chairperson Frances Thomason provided information as follows:
Monday April 17,2023 Set up
Wednesday, April 19,2023 Judging
Saturday, April 22, 2023 Quilt Show in conjunction with Pioneer Day.
We will have a sales table again. Sign up sheet was passed out for this. A Quilt Show meeting was held on January 17, 2023. Sub-committees were formed. Entry forms are being created. Save the Date cards are available to anyone who knows of a business of group that
would help us promote this event by allowing cards to be displayed. GALA members are encouraged to submit entries. Some of the categories are: ANTIQUE, CHILDRENS, NEW QUILT (within last 5 years).

Row by Row projects were shown and photographed. They were beautiful.
Brown Bag projects were shown again and shared and photographed.
Audrey Bergeron collected dues for the year and reported we have 34paid members.
We had a show and tell and drawings for BOM , Sign in and Name Tag prizes.
Linda Walker also talked about updating our Gala Logo to get it in a form to be used for T-shirts or other promotional items.

This is all I have for now. Looking forward to February 18, 2023 our next Gala Quilt Meeting.
Respectfully submitted
Your friend and President,
Bettyanne McGlinchey

Pioneer Day Quilt Show


Use these files by SAVING the document to your computer and filling out the form and printing to use. Please scroll down for PRINTABLE forms to fill in after printing.


Please PRINT these forms for handwritten entries.