January 2023 Newsletter

Hello Quilt Members and Fans   December Meeting was very exciting . We are changing some things and have lots of new projects for you this year.

Our outgoing President Linda Walker has been very helpful and now has decided to let someone take over those duties.  I only hope I can do the Gala Quilt Guild justice as she did.  

There were 33 members and 3 visitors present which shows we are going in the community.

Pat Mistretta gave out a questionnaire regarding a possible quilt retreat this year. Several sites are being investigated and Pat will update us on that at a later date. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding this please contact Pat. 

Our meetings have been changed to 10 am  and our workshop will begin now at 12:30.  Hope this makes a more accommodating schedule for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on January 21,2023 when we will be presenting all our quilts and bags we have been making this past year to the recipients which are Hope Harbour and Mother Mary Mission. Presentation will happen at 10am so we would really appreciate if some could arrive by 9:30 am to help us place the quilts on the pews in the sanctuary. This will be followed by our regular meeting after the presentation. 

The program for the meeting will be the members displaying their brown bag gifts from December. Anyone who received a gift please bring it to show.We have also concluded our Row by Row so please bring in the quilt tops to show. It will be exciting to see all the talent we have in the guild.

Special announcement :  Our yearly dues of $25.00  need to be paid this month.  Bring your cash or checks and give to our new Treasurer , Audrey Bergeron.

I am scheduling a committee meeting in between the workshop and presentation so all officers and members at large and committee members please attend. the meeting will begin at 11:45 in the middle room.  I appreciate your promptness and input.

Our workshop will be a Skill Builder presented by Linda Hayes. She will be showing us Fence Rails . This will start at 12:30 . Please bring your sewing machine and basic sewing supplies. Linda will follow up with more details about other  supplies to bring in an email.

Please review the attachments to this email which are : latest  roster, December minutes, and programs and workshop schedule . 

Affectionately yours my fellow quilters, Bettyanne  McGlinchey , your new president  

December 2022 Newsletter

Dear Guild Members and Devotees:

Our last Guild meeting of the year will be held on Saturday December 17th at the usual Trinity United Methodist Church in Phenix City, with parking on the downhill side of the church.  Our format is different for this holiday time of year.  NO WORKSHOP in the morning.  We will be open at 11:00 (I’ll probably be there at 10:00) to set up for our pot luck luncheon at NOON.  Please bring something to share – a protein, a side dish, a sweet, a nosh of any sort.  You can bring store-bought or home-made.  If you bring something in a crock pot we can plug it in til just before we eat.  We plan to present the church custodian Alvin Bass with a card and our donated collection funds for him, along with a quilt.  Vickie is the church secretary and she asks that we keep any presentation very very low-key because he is such a humble man – he wouldn’t want any sort of big fuss made.  I am bringing thank-you gifts for those who have held a position in the guild this past year, and a few other prizes as well.

We will do a brief, bare-bones business meeting and discuss the upcoming calendar.

The BIG CHANGE IN THE SCHEDULE starting in January is that we are flipping the time line for each meeting day.  We will start with a program and then business meeting at 10 AM.  The workshops will start at 12:30 and last approximately 2 hours.  There should be plenty of time to go grab some lunch and/or sit and eat your brown bag.  These changes are reflected on our Facebook page and web page.  We’ll print new cards to hand out as well.  This should make a shorter day for those who only wish to come to the morning events, and the afternoon workshops should be more relaxed without such a time crunch.  The Vice Presidents have planned a year-long course on skill building for beginners and all quilters, which will result in your having a great collection of blocks by the end of the year. 

Please review the attached minutes.  There is a lot of essential information for you to review there.

We had a visit during our November morning workshop from Mr. Frank Brown (“Coach” Brown) – who is the director of the newly opening Mother Mary Mission at 318 Seale Road in Phenix City.  This mission will house needy female veterans and children.  It will include many services including a Child Development Center.  Several members accepted his invitation to tour the facility on November 29th and were served lunch as well.  This mission is the Phenix City recipient of our donation quilts in January, along with a shelter in Columbus.  You are all invited to their ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday December 16th at 10 AM.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2023 Officers and Official Position holders:  President – Bettyanne McGlinchey; VPs – Jaunita Christian and Glenna Shephard; Treasurer – Audrey Bergeron; Secretary – Beth Hickman; Members-at-Large – Becky Hooper and Mary Bray; Hospitality – Rebecca Chester and Cathy Vancour; Block of the Month – Rebecca Chester, Judie Sargent, Suzan Denson, Karen Boyd; and Roster Keeper – Carol Bradshaw.  We anticipate another wonderful year!

We hope to see members and visitors on the 17th and enjoy the fellowship of a tasty Potluck together.  Happy Holidays to all wherever you may spend them, and a Quilty New Year!

Linda Walker

Outgoing President

November 2022 Newsletter

Dear Guild Members and Fans:

Our next meeting will be on the third Saturday of the month, as always, which is November 19th.  And we will meet at Trinity United Methodist Church as always.  It is at 1600 5th Ave in Phenix City, but park on the DOWNHILL side on 4th Ave where you see guild signs.  Our attendance is ever increasing (yay!) so we ask the able-bodied to drop off their stuff and then move your car to the parking lot at the intersection of 4th Ave and  16th Street.  You will up your step count for the day!  We now have 60!! members on the roster and we added 5 new names to this email list from people we met at Fort Mitchell last weekend.

The doors are open at 9AM and we appreciate folks coming then and helping set up.  The morning workshop “Mini-class” on Basic Binding techniques starts promptly at 10 AM.  I am preparing some small mug rugs for you to complete the binding on after I demonstrate.  So far 10 people have signed up. When we finish we will join the others in our sewing morning. Please EVERYONE bring your machine and usual sewing supplies.  For the class please bring some clips for the binding if you have them, and some to loan for those who don’t.  Also a glue stick will come in handy, and I have also used 1/4″ fusible tape to attach the back of a binding – so bring some if you have it.. A  1/4″ foot for your machine will be best to use if you have it but not critical.  The rest of you will be working on finishing stages of donation quilts, and/or making and filling one yard bags.  We plan to donate to a shelter in Columbus and to the Crisis Center in Phenix City at our January meeting.

Our afternoon meeting starts at 1:00 with old and new business, announcements and upcoming event review, prizes, Block of The Month, and Show and Tell.  New people – you can bring anything quilty or crafty or textiley to show.  It could be something you or Grandma made, or that you found or bought, old or new.

We also do a short program with our meeting and this month it will be Kim Scarborough showing us ideas for a “Kitchen Sink” quilt made from your orphan blocks and bits.  We hope to do an all day special day making these next year so start collecting – keep extra blocks, or blocks that turned out wrong, or pieces of borders or blocks that you didn’t use up.  

Review all the attachments below including the latest roster, schedule and minutes from our last meeting.  

Please note December is a little different schedule.  We open up at 11:00 – no workshop in the morning- and set up for a potluck lunch at noon.  Please bring something to share – salad, side, snack, sweets, protein – you know the drill.  The guild is going to provide ham – but no green eggs – haha!  We will only discuss any business that we absolutely have to, and do a brief BOM, prizes, and Show and Tell.

At the November meeting we vote on our slate of proposed officers which are listed in the minutes attached below.

Thank you EVERYONE who helped make or donate items for the Fort Mitchell Fall Festival, and the members who put in many hours setting up on the day before and doing the sales table and raffle table.  We earned $999 for our efforts – slightly more in raffles than items sold.  This is fantastic and worth our continued efforts in the future.  I will bring unsold items to our November meeting for our purchases (or reclaiming if you wish, as a maker).  We can hold onto items to put on the April Sales table at Pioneer Day.  I will eventually provide us all a list of what number of each item was on sale, and how many actually sold; so you will see what items were more popular.  

Hope to see you soon!

Linda Walker, GALA President

October 2022 Newsletter

Dear GALA Guild and Followers:

We had another great meeting with very good attendance in September – thanks to all of you who attend and support the guild.  Our next meeting is Saturday October 15th (we always meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month) at Trinity Methodist Church at 1600 5th Ave, in downtown Phenix City.

For the morning workshop Frances and I are teaching a workshop on Seminole Piecing.  We have strips of fabric precut to make up your little “kit” to sew that day.  We have a few extras so you can come even if you didn’t sign up.  We plan to start teaching promptly at 10AM so please come early to set up your space.

Bring your sewing machine with a brand new needle in it (you will be sewing through several layers) and a rotary cutter with a new blade.  Bring a small ruler and small mat – you will be cutting 1 1/4″ segments.  Don’t bring a big mat. We have a lot of attendees and need to share 2 or 3 to a table. Bring small scissors and a stiletto if you have one.  I will bring some bamboo pointed skewers to use instead if you like.  Also bring a marking pen or pencil – can be permanent – marks won’t show.  Also bring an upright stitch cutter if you have one to cut blocks apart.  I have a few used Seminole Patchwork books to give away in a morning drawing!!

Some of us always arrive early to set up – by 9AM or earlier, and can use your help to set up signs, welcome table, workshop supplies, power cords and irons and boards.  Sometimes we need to drag around a few tables to arrange.

In the afternoon meeting, our own Judy Lyon will be giving us a slideshow/virtual trunk show of some of her quilts to tell us about “Modern Quilts – How I Make Them, How I Quilt Them”.

At 12:00 I want to meet with all officers and active committee members for about 40 minutes in the middle room please. Those members who can stay in the big room to welcome incoming members and possible newcomers will be very helpful during our meeting.  Also if you are interested in holding a position please attend and get a feel for behind the scenes excitement!!!.

Nominations for next year’s officers and positions will be announced.

You all are working on donation quilts and one yard bags and collecting items for the bags – especially we are looking for q-tips, brushes and combs, wash cloths, hand towels, socks and underwear, flip flops, razors and shave cream.

We will finalize the volunteers to work at Fort Mitchell’s Fall Festival on Saturday October 29 from 9-3.  We need help with sales and selling quilt raffle tickets and answering questions about the guild.  We will be having a small quilt display. Please contact me before the meeting if you have a fall themed quilt or sewn item that can be displayed that you would like to loan and bring to the meeting.  We will be setting up the sales items and display at Fort Mitchell the day before in the Visitor’s Center at 1:00 Eastern Time.  I believe we have a sign-up sheet started for all of that we can recirculate at the meeting.  Please bring any items you have made that you would like to donate for the guild to sell.  So far we have potholders/hotpads, scarves and hats, book weights, fabric ornaments, table toppers, covered notepads, pillow, zip pouches and more.

Please plan on bringing your friends and family to the Fort.  It is fascinating history, with vendors and blacksmiths (and us, of course).  There is the Visitor’s Center, 170 year old cabin, Trader’s cabin, Tavern, and fabulous carriage barn full of antique horse-drawn vehicles.  And of course the Fort itself is awesome.

For those of you who got a needle threader from me last meeting here is a video to demonstrate it in use.  https://instagram.com/p/CicneesAX2l/

Please review the attached minutes and upcoming schedule.  I will bring some schedule copies to the meeting for the welcome table.

See all of you very soon and happy sewing!

Linda Walker, President

September 2022 GALA News

Dear Guild Members and Enthusiasts:

Hello to all and Happy National Sewing Month!   Also Glenna Shephard notified us that the Guild Meeting Day on Saturday September 17th is National Jelly Roll Day!  Wow!  Never knew of it before!  Let me know if you find more sewing/quilting related days of the year.  National/International Quilting Day is the 3rd Saturday in March – there must be more.  Maybe each precut fabric gets a day!

Our next meeting will be at the same place as usual – The Trinity United Methodist Church in Phenix City at 1600 5th Avenue.  Park on the downhill side, and if you don’t mind walking a bit, please unload at the church and move your vehicle just across the corner in the parking lot of Uptown Jewelry and Pawn where 4th Avenue and 16th Street meet.  I am delighted to say that we have so many attendees now that we overflow park over there.  We need to keep spaces near the ramp available for those who can’t walk very far, and for new visitors to find us.

Our workshop starts at 10 AM sharp.  Please come in and set up your stuff early.  I’m there by 9:00 and appreciate your help setting up guild stuff too. The main workshop will be working on the Mystery Christmas Project with Juanita – you will have already signed up and been getting her weekly email instructions.  Bring your machine and sewing supplies, small cutting mat, rotary cutter, straight rules. Bring your Christmas fabrics – you start with Focus fabric 1/4 yd or FQ, Zinger fabric 1/4 yd or FQ, and background 1 yard.If you are not in the workshop please come and help with 2 other projects.  I will bring 2 patterns to make one yard bags so bring your machine and supplies. We have the fabric already. We will work in the middle room.  The patterns are: 1 yard Magic Hobo Bag Sewing Pattern from Lecien Fabrics from Sewcanshe.com; and With Love Tote Bag from LazyGirlDesigns.com/blog.  These bags are for people in crisis and in shelters.  Please keep bringing your travel sized supplies to donate to fill them.If you don’t want to sew please come and cut our scrap fabric for quilt kits.  I am giving us all a postcard pattern that I bought at Sunday Best called Vienna – it uses 42 10″ squares.  (these are then subcut into 4 pieces that get sewed back together in a scrappy layout).  If you have a square template that cuts 10″ squares, please bring it and a cutting mat and your rotary cutter and a big straight long ruler too.  I will bring extras of those also. 

We have been very busy this year working on Jelly Roll and other donation quilts and will continue on until we present them to a Columbus Shelter and the Phenix City Crisis Center in January.  The kits that we cut for the Postcard Pattern can be made now or worked on next year for future donation projects.  I don’t want to push too hard on charity sewing when I know we all have so much else on our to-do lists; quilting and otherwise.. We already have completed dozens of donation quilts with dozens more in the works.

Please bring 2 1/2″ squares to exchange at the afternoon meeting – cut 30 squares each out of 3 autumn themed or colored fabrics to share.  We line up our stacks of 30 along the big table and go around picking up one of each.  You can also make piles of 30 fabrics of various scrappy fabrics too -(could be any number of each fabric – doesn’t have to be 30 different) – that way we all don’t get exactly the same fabrics.  And feel free to bring more than 3 fabrics worth – I cut about 12 different fat quarters up to share from my stash along with miscellaneous ones too. We love to see what you can do with your squares at a future Show and Tell!

The afternoon program for September is about Journaling/Documenting our Quilts.

In October the morning workshop will be taught by me and Frances on Seminole Strip Piecing.  You will get a kit of strips of a solid color fabric and a background solid fabric, and learn one of the Seminole techniques.  We will have the sign-up sheet at the September meeting if you haven’t already put your name down.

In November we want to do a Sit and Sew Workshop working on our donation quilts and one yard bags.  The dying workshop that was planned will be pushed into 2023 because our teacher from Auburn – Cindy Renky – is having eye surgery.  We want her to be in great shape and all healed up to teach us next year.

On October 29th Fort Mitchell is having their Fall Festival.  Please visit their Historic Fort Mitchell Facebook page for details.  We will have a sales table of items you sew that we can sell for the Guild’s profit.  We plan to raffle several quilts as well, and have a small quilting display.  If any of you would like to bring some hand sewing/quilting to work on in the Visitor’s Center, that would be great.  Visitors may wish to ask us questions about quilting or the guild.  We will be there from 9-3 and will appreciate any of you that can represent us for an hour or two.  Fort Mitchell has stands to hold horizontal quilt poles so we can display quilts or sales items on those.  We will also ask if anyone has laundry racks, coat trees, or other easily portable objects to display sales items.  

Please review the attached minutes from Frances for more details on our last meeting and everything coming up.

I wish to express the condolences of all our guild to Carla Stickles who lost her husband Gary this past week.  She has already heard messages of support and love from many of you, and I have sent a card on behalf of all of us. I know many of us have faced illness and loss among our loved ones over this past year, and hope you know we care about each of you.  I also hope the fellowship and fun of the guild can sustain you when you join us. 
Linda Walker
GALA President