House Quilt is Good News

Dear GuildAttached are pictures of the “House Quilt” made of blocks by our members.  It has been donated to the Phenix City Library.  Another photo is of a framed dedication on the wall below it stating that it is in honor of First Responders, Government Officials, and Volunteers who were of service to Beauregard and Smiths Station during  March 2019.  As you recall this was the time of the terrible EF-4 tornadoes that took many lives and homes.  There is also a group photo of some of the guild officers and committee members at the library with the Director Michele Kilday on Wednesday November 10th.
Thank you to Juanita for spearheading the efforts to get this quilt made and to Linda Hayes for writing such a beautiful dedication.  Thanks to all of you who made blocks, donated fabric and supported the guild in all of our community projects.
Linda Walker

November Newsletter

Dear GALA Members and Interested Parties:
November Guild Newsletter:

I am pleased to announce that we will resume our monthly Guild Meetings on Saturday November 20th.  The hospitals are much less strained by COVID but please still be very careful.
The morning workshop (door open at 9, workshop at 10) will be making name tags from pre-cut felted wool shapes.  This is a HAND sewing project so you don’t need your machines unless you want to use decorative machine stitches on the wool shapes.  We will also have a lot of embroidery floss and yarn for “writing” your name on your badge.  I will bring scalloped-edge rotary cutters for further embellishing.  We will provide buttons and beads and hot melt glue and pinbacks, along with large eye needles for embroidering.  Please feel free to bring any of the above from your supplies or any other “bling” you can think of – pom poms, little fabric yo-yo’s, ribbon, sequins, applique shapes, whatever!!  And if you have enough to share that would be appreciated.
The afternoon meeting starts at 1 pm, and the program will be 5 of us who did a round-robin last year each doing a mini-demonstration of a technique that we used on a quilt. along with a showing of the quilts.
After the meeting we want to do our 2 1/2″ square exchange of Christmas/winter fabrics.  We will spread out our fabric piles in the middle room and circle around picking up one of each.  Please bring 30 squares each from 3 fabrics.  And please bring any extra batches of 30 squares if you can – since we will likely have visitors and newcomers who wish to participate too. And the more, the merrier.  Perhaps we can have a show-and-tell of what we make from them by next year.  Personally I think I am rustling up about 15 fabrics from my stash, and donations, and Alana’s estate of fabric.
Please DO NOT USE THE DODO email anymore.  I am going to discontinue using it because it is not working right and there is no response from their support so I think it may have been hacked.  I will come up with a Google email Group for us to use similar to the Dodo Email.  
If you wish to communicate to the whole group – you can “reply all” to this email, which is a little clunky.  Or just email me personally at and I will forward to the guild email list which I personally have built into my gmail address book.Or email the guild email box which I also get, and that is   That is the one that outsiders use to communicate with us.Please keep making placemats!  I have about 75 in my possession presently from those that have been turned in and hope there are lots more out there.  I printed out some simple fabricGuild labels that I am adhering with Heat N’Bond Ultra.  I have tested a lot of fusible stuff and that one seems to be the best for handling the washer and dryer.  It’s a bit stiff but does the job for a small project like this.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help adhere labels please let me know.  I am hoping we will invite a respresentative from Meals on Wheels to our December meeting for a little presentation.  And we should spread them out over the seats in the church sanctuary for an impressive picture too!
I am having a meeting on Wednesday November 10th from 12:00 to 1:00 at the Phenix City Library for Officers and anyone who has any Committee or other position or job within the Guild.  Please also come if you would like to have a position in the Guild in the future.  You can bring your lunch if you like, but wear masks when outside the meeting room. We will continue meetings like this on a regular basis as we get back into the swing of things.  I realize this is on a weekday so everyone will not be able to make it.   Often we have done these meeting during the lunch hour on Guild days so we can discuss whether we want to keep that arrangement going or do something different.  
Hope to see you all soon!Linda Walker

August news

GALA Guild Newsletter for August 2021

Hello to all in the guild – which has grown by about 6 new members in recent months!

We had a great meeting in July. We continued to work on my challenge of making placemats to donate to Meals on Wheels during our morning workshop. I have spoken to Kim Prescott who is the Director of Operations at their parent organization – Direct Service Corporation. They serve 16 counties. In Muscogee County they have 601 clients!! So that’s my challenge to see if we can make 600 placements. That would mean 30 of us would make 20 each! That’s a crazy number, I know. Just something to try for – we’ll do our best. If anyone needs help with fabric please ask me. We also have 2 boxes of scraps in the hall closet that anyone can use. Linda Jones has a supply of orphan blocks to turn into placemats. The Meals program gives about 50 clients a month a birthday card, so one way they might use the mats is to give them out on birthdays.

We had a sale at the July meeting of our recently deceased member Alana Losonsky’s supplies and items. Her husband very generously donated the proceeds to our guild, which has helped our treasury a great deal. There will more for sale from Alana’s quilter’s estate at our next meeting. You will be able to shop the middle room starting around 11:30 at our next guild meeting day which is Saturday, August 21. Linda Hayes and Frances Thomason have coordinated the sale and done all the work to sort, label, transport, price and sell the items. We, the guild, thank you!

The morning workshop on August 21 will be led by Alberta Powell. She is teaching us how to make a small design board. These are very useful for carrying around cut pieces of fabric, arranging quilt blocks, bringing to your machine, etc. Please buy a piece of coreboard at a store like Walmart or Dollar Tree and cut it to a size you like. Bring enough batting to fit a little beyond the edges and scissors. Also bring 2 ½” binding and a glue gun and glue sticks to attach it. Alberta will bring a few extra boards and glue guns if you don’t have one. Also bring something to use as a dropcloth for your gluing area such a piece of plastic to spread out. No sewing is required. The workshop starts at 10 AM, doors are open at 9:30.

Please remember to park away from the church door after you have dropped off your items. We need to leave a few spaces near the door for those who can’t walk distances. We encourage 5-8 of us to park across the corner (where 4th Ave ends in a “T” intersection with 16th St). There is a very large parking lot that belongs to a pawn shop. The owners have kindly given us parking permission..

The afternoon program will be presented by Tabby Champion on “Learning about our Singer 221-222”. Tabby is a very skilled sewer/seamstress and has a lot of experience in the quilt shop/quilt fabric industry. If you’ve never owned one of these machines I suggest you try using one. They are beautiful, lightweight, and reliable. And just fun and satisfying to sew on.

On Saturday August 14th we have a guild “Field Trip” day. We meet at Sunday Best Quiltworks in Ellerslie at 10 AM and carpool from there to Warm Springs. We plan on shopping til lunch at 12:30 at The Bulloch House, then return for group shopping at Sunday Best. Those who have signed up are Linda Walker, Alberta Powell, Sandy Wager, Carol Bradshaw, Sunny Pedigo, Jane Mills, Cathy Poyner and Frances Thomason. That makes 8 total. Up to 4 will drive to Warm Springs. We have space for 16 so please join us. Please be on time.

The guild now owns a rolling cart we will keep at the church. It is a small red metal cart that will be stored in the back room. Feel free to use it to haul supplies, sewing stuff, etc. It will useful for carrying the snacks and bottled drinks which are stored in the hall cabinet. Remember that anything stored in our areas needs to kept up off the floor if it can be water damaged. The church also has big rolling cart which I couldn’t find last meeting. The custodian, Alvin, thinks it was upstairs and will try to keep it downstairs for us to use.

I will not be at our meeting this month and I thank Alberta who will chair instead. I strongly recommend we all wear masks to the next meeting because of the spread of the Delta variant COVID, especially if we are among the older set or have health conditions. I believe most of us are vaccinated which should make us relatively safer than being out in other public spaces.

I will attach the minutes from our July meeting, and our schedule of upcoming events.

Hope to see everyone soon.

Linda Walker, President

August 4, 2021

July Meeting 2021

GALA Quilters Guild Newsletter

July 9, 2021

Dear Guild Members and Prospective Members and Interested Visitors:

We had our first post-pandemic workshop and meeting back at the Trinity United Methodist Church on June 19th, and had a great turnout!  About 10 people attended the morning workshop presented by Rebecca Chester and her mother Agnes Grimes – they have vast sewing knowledge and experience and tutored us through the making of zippered scissors cases that turned out very well!  We had over 20 people for the afternoon meeting and program, and we are off to a great start.  Vickie Gillespie kindly volunteered to do the minutes which will be attached at the end of this newsletter

As acting secretary, I have now been able to happily delegate portions of those duties to Frances Thomason who has volunteered to record minutes for us now, and to Carol Bradshaw who is keeping up the active roster.  I have been managing the email Dodo group member list and keeping up with a secondary email list of prospective members and interested parties who also wish to keep getting our newsletters.  At the next meeting we should discuss managing our email Dodo list, which will cost $10/year when we go past 50 listings, which could easily happen soon.  In case you are wondering, the advantage of using email Dodo is that we all access the list simply by using that email address; so none of us have to keep an individual GALA email list in our personal computers or email systems or browsers.  I also want to thank Dee Hayes for taking over management of the webpage with Vickie and getting it updated!!  And for Vickie keeping up with our Facebook page.  So now we have a secretarial staff instead of a single person doing all those tasks – thanks, all!

Please join us for our next meeting on Saturday July 17th.  Please join us for the morning workshop to make placemats.  This is our ongoing President’s Challenge for the year 2021 – we will donate them to Meals on Wheels at the end of the year.  Linda Jones is coordinating the workshop.  I will be at the church by 8:30. Come set up your sewing area at 9:30 (or sooner if you’re an early bird too) and Linda Jones will begin formal teaching at 10:00

Patterns – provided by me and Linda Jones, but please also bring your own

Fabric – Linda recommends bring your orphan blocks, some strips, and squares, and scraps.  I am providing yards of a giant block and white polka dot print and some solid color FQs and scraps to go with that. I will also bring yardage of a sort of moss green batik if you have anything that could go with that. You could use jelly roll scraps and do an easy “quilt as you go” – we will show you how to do that if needed.  I am also bringing a lot of charm squares so you can simply do a patchwork of those.

Backing and binding – Linda is bringing yardage for that but please bring any scraps you can use and/or share.

Batting – Linda is bringing pieces approximately 15”x18” and I will bring some pieces also.

Irons – I know some of you like your own personal ironing station.  I don’t know how many of these the church electricity can handle but I think we could have one of two of you in the big room and a couple set up in the middle room.  We will also have 2 or 3 big boards in various places.

Also bring your sewing machine and usual sewing supplies, neutral thread, cutting board for your table, and perhaps notebook or graph paper.  Bring long and  large and small square and or rectangular rulers, will help cut for whichever pattern you use.  I will bring a lot.  Please label your rulers so they don’t get lost if you share.

Linda Hayes will be doing the afternoon program giving us a mini trunk show of scrappy quilts.

We will also do a sign-up for a group trip to Warm Springs on Saturday, August 14, with shopping at Sunday Best Quiltworks in Ellerslie also

Please refer to the Schedule attached to this email, along with a membership form you can print and mail in.  The minutes will also be attached.  

Linda Walker President and Secretarial Staff Coordinator

June 19th 2021

We are back up and running and meeting in person in June.  We meet at Trinity Methodist Church, 1600 5th Ave, Phenix City AL 36867.  Please come to the DOWNHILL side of the church on 4th Ave, and you will see our Guild sign and our cars parked outside the fellowship hall.  There is a ramp for entrance, but please move your vehicle away from the ramp after you unload to allow close parking for those with mobility issues. 

Meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Doors open at 9:30, workshop at 10.  Lunch on your own, brown bag or take-out or depart and return – but someone is there throughout the day.  Meeting and program and news and prizes and Show and Tell starts at 1 PM.  Hope to see old and new faces there!

The last page is a membership form you can fill out and mail, or take care of at the next meeting you attend.  (We will have these same forms at the meeting.)  Dues to be paid when you can, at a half-year rate of $12.50.
PLEASE LET ME, Linda Walker, or Carol Bradshaw know if you are receiving this newsletter and no longer wish to be included on this email.  No hard feelings.

Linda Walker phone 706-662-5319, email

Carol Bradshaw phone 706-587-0938, email

Hope everyone’s life is getting better and brighter.  And that fabric and quilts and sewing help you along the way.
Linda Walker President and acting Secretary

April 2019 Newsletter

GALA Quilters Guild April 2019 Newsletter

    Linda Walker, VP, presided over the 16 March 2019 meeting attended by 20 members and 2 visitors. Several members made quillows at the workshop prior to the meeting.  It was announced that there will be a regular meeting on 20 April; the workshop will be a sit & sew.

    The informative program consisted of numerous members showing their favorite quilting gadgets. Juanita Christian provided a handout re fat quarter cutting instructions. Linda Hayes demonstrated the use of the Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmer for HSTs.  Sydney Caldwell told us about a Robert Kauffman app and a shortcut binding tool from Franklin Quilters. Other tools demonstrated/discussed were: a brush/needle inserter by Alana, a wooden spoon presser by Sunny, a 2 1/2 “ binding tool from MSQ by Taylor; a ODIF 505 temporary nonslip coating spray by Audrey;  a telescoping wand, a tiny rotary cutter, a 6 ½ X 2 ½” ruler, a stash ‘n store from It’s so Irma, and $1 store tiny bands for bobbins all by Linda Jones; and cable clips, magnetic cups, foam brushes, parmesan lids and tiny chenille brushes from Carol.

    Vicki Gillespie explained the next BOM asking that we use floral fabrics and suggested the no-waste technique for making the flying geese. March blocks were won by Pam Brandt.

    Drawings were won by Taylor Opel, Frances Thomason, and Pam Brandt. There were free books from Southern Sewing and free fabric courtesy of Linda Jones.    

OLD BUSINESS      Members were reminded that quilts are due by 30 March for the Ft. Mitchell Pioneer Day on 13 April.

    There are a few members who haven’t paid their dues which are $25 annually and can be paid by cash or check. Dues are needed to help the guild to cover the rent for our nice meeting place and support the fees for special programs.  Please see Kathryn Shepard at our next meeting to update your membership record when you pay dues. The membership roster is in the process of being purged for a more current record.

    The need for charity quilts has increased and is ongoing.  Our members have been invited to join in Scoops of Love with the Cotton Boll Quilters in Auburn.  They are using a pattern called “Tiny Houses” and “Not So Tiny Houses” which uses scraps. The instructions are attached.  

NEW BUSINESS     Lain Stowe will lead an all-day workshop 21 September and Flavin Glover will conduct an all-day workshop 15 June (if you are interested, see Taylor Opel).

REMINDER     The Ft. Mitchell Pioneer Day Quit Show is 13 April 2019 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

March 2019 Newsletter

The February 2019 meeting was attended by 19 members and presided over by Joanna Pearson, president. The workshop had 2 attendees.


The treasurer’s report shows a balance of $3714.45.

It was announced that the guild now has an address which is:

3515 Summerville Rd.
Box 147
Phenix City, AL 36867

Joanna is continuing work on obtaining a letterhead. She also presented background information on foster support and showed an example of a quillow.

Linda Jones had brought the patterns used in January’s workshop for purchase.

Carol Bradshaw gave an update on the Ft. Mitchell quilt show and passed around a volunteer sign-up sheet.

Members participating in the signature block exchange were instructed how to do that following the meeting.


Juanita Christian volunteered to be the sunshine committee!

Our president announced a continuing program of a “for sale and/or give away” table at guild meetings.

There was some discussion of barn quilts and the possibility of a guild quilt raffle.

Pam Brandt presented a program on “Internet Sources for Fabrics.”

The monthly drawings were won by Grace Johnson (BOM), Mary Johnson,(name tag), Linda Shaw (tool of the month), Frances Thomason (sign in) and Alana Losonsky (sign in).

Following show & tell, the meeting was adjourned.


For the March 16 workshop to make quillows, members will need to bring 2.5 yards for each of 2 fabrics, a twin size batting and spray basting plus their usual workshop supplies. Patterns will be provided.

There will be a board meeting at 1145.

The program will be a trunk show.

Please park at the top of the hill across from the church entrance if you do not have mobility issues.

Linda Walker asked for donations of scrap fabrics and batting for her personal goal of making dog/cat beds for animal shelters.

Quillow formula for the size quillow you want from Fons and Porter’s Love of Quiting:

  1. Decide the size pillow you want.
  2. Cut quillow back width 2” narrower than 3 times the size of the pillow.
  3. Cut the quillow back length no more than 4 times the size of the pillow.
  4. Cut the front slightly larger than the back and cut the batting slightly larger than the front.

Eg. For a 10” pillow, cut the back 28”. (3 x 10 = 30, then 30 – 2 = 28) and 40” long (4 x 10 = 40).


February Newsletter 2019

The January 2019 meeting was attended by 31 members and guests. Prior to the meeting a workshop was conducted by Linda Jones using a stack-and-whack method to produce “presents or trees.” Then the dolls and accompanying small quilts from Linda Walker’s presidents’ challenge were presented to Adee Nelms from SBQ who is the liason with Hope Harbour. There was media presence of a reporter (Denise) for The Citizen newspaper and Chris Rutherford for BEAM TV who recorded the event.
Joanna Pearson presided and thanked all those attending; she also encouraged all to be actively involved to improve our guild experience. Joanna also introduced her president’s challenge which is for each member to produce two (2) quillows to be donated to the local foster care service. There will be a workshop in March for those interested.
Juanita Christian presented a program on the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler by Deb Tucker. The ruler allows a quilter to make 10 sizes from 3″ to 12″.
OLD BUSINESS:  Kathryn Shepard reported the treasury holds $3209.74.
Rebecca Chester reminded members who want to participate in the signature block exchange to bring their blocks to the February meeting.  She suggested at least 12 blocks each or more in the case that participation increases. Signature blocks are to be made 8 1/2″ squares from Kona Snow with a 5″ square of the maker’s choice sewn diagonally to each of 2 opposite corners of each block. The middle section of the block should contain the following 4 lines: the maker’s signature, the city the maker is from, GALA Quilt Guild, and 2019.
Carol Bradshaw and Linda Hayes reported on changes to the Ft. Mitchell quilt show on 13 April 2019. New this year will be outside vendor tables for $25 each; vendor supplies the table and shade. A new category has been added for patriotic quilts – small, medium and large as in the other categories(new and vintage). There will be first, second, and third place awards in each.  Quilts are to be turned in 19-30 March 2019 at the local quilt shops or at the March meeting. The quilts will be hung 10 & 11 April with judging on 12 April.  Volunteers do not have to pay entrance to the site on Pioneer Day so SIGN UP to help out.
NEW BUSINESS:  A motion by Sydney Caldwell, seconded by Frances Thomason, was carried to obtain a letterhead and post office box for guild correspondence.
Taylor Opel discussed the interest expressed by BEAM TV to feature guild programs and workshops.
Interest was voiced by some members in having a guild sponsored table at Pioneer Day.
Vickie Gillespie gave instructions for the February BOM called “Cheers.”
BOM drawing winner was Linda C. Hayes.  Other drawing winners were Vickie Gillespie, Juanita Christian and Martha Donaldson.
REMEMBER: The February workshop will be a standing tool caddy and the program will be about cheap fabric sources.  Please park in the area the top of the hill across from the church entrance if you do not have mobility issues.

January Newsletter 2019

Our annual potluck was held in December with 22 members attending. Thanks to those who brought food and who helped with clean-up.
 A love offering was collected for Mr. Alvin Bass, our Trinity custodian.
Martha Brandt was able to donate $56 to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital due to the generosity of members who purchased her items at the December meeting.
Linda Walker President’s challenge dolls and quilts will be presented to children at Hope Harbor.  Drawing winners were Linda Walker, Linda Jones, Mary Johnson, Monika Vining ,and Juanita Christian.
Membership dues are $25 to be paid this month to Mary Randall along with a membership form for the guild roster. (CORRCTION: Dues should go to Kathryn Shepard, not Mary Randall. Thanks, Mary, for your hard work.)
Please give ideas re outside quilting teachers, programs and workshops to Joanna Pearson, Linda Walker, or Taylor Opel.
Small or medium quilts up to 6′ X 7′ are needed for hanging in the library.  Please give them to Linda Walker at a meeting.
Remember to park up the hill in front of the church, if possible. Parking outside the Fellowship Hall needs to be reserved for members with mobility issues.
New guild officers will meet at 11:30 on the second floor.
The January workshop will be lead by Linda Jones using a stack & whack method to make a “present” quilt.  Participants will need 10 fat quarters (or pieces measuring at least 12″ X 18″) for each of 3 colorways; that is a total of 30 fat quarters or pieces of fabric! Please bring your standard workshop supplies. Workshop begins at 9:30 a.m.
The January program will be the use of a Lemoyne star ruler by Juanita Christian.
Signature Club participants will be making 8 1/2″ blocks from Kona Snow fabric. Sew 5″ squares diagonally(as in a snowball block) on each of 2 opposing corners only.  In the middle section of the block, write your name, city you are from, Gala Quilt Guild, 2019.  Make enough for everyone participating. These are due in February!  See Rebecca Chester for more info.
Monika Vining has been discharged home following open heart surgery. Please let Joanna Pearson know if you can help with meals for her while she continues her recovery.

December 2018 Newsletter

  • Upcoming Events:
    • December’s meeting will be our annual social covered dish lunch.  Meal will begin at 12:00 noon with show and tell.  We will be taking up a love offering for Alvin Bass, Trinity’s Custodian, who cleans and straightens the Fellowship Hall after our meetings and workshops.  Fellowship Hall will open at 11:30 AM.  Please help with clean up after.
    • There is a new sit and sew opportunity at the PC-Russell County library from 10-4 each Tuesday.  Bring your own projects.  There are five machines available to be used.  Lunch is on your own. Vickie Gillespie leads a beginning quilting class beginning at 5 PM at the library as well.
    • Winners November’s meeting:  Alana Losonsky won the block of the month squares. Rebecca Chester won 2-inch squares in the name tag drawing and Mary Johnson won the same  in the tool of the month drawing.

o    Membership dues for 2019 will be taken in December.  The membership form will be attached to the newsletter.  Membership dues are $25.

o    January Workshop – “Present” Quilt.  January Program – Lemoyne Star Ruler

o    February Workshop – Standing Tool Caddy.

o    March Workshop – Project Tote – Signup will be required

  • VERY IMPORTANT:  Quilts are needed for the library.  If you can bring one small quilt or medium quilt, please bring to any meeting for Linda Walker and she will take them to be hung. Maximum size can be 6 feet by 7 feet.
  • President’s Challenge will be to make soft dolls or animals as well as a doll-sized quilt to be given to boys and girls from one to six years old.  Quilts should be 24×24.  You may use a pattern of your choice or there will be patterns available for you to use.  Please bring these to the December meeting.
  • We will have a committee to pursue having a national teacher at the guild.  Joanna Pearson, Linda Jones, Linda Walker, and Audrey Bergeron are the members.  Please give them any suggestions and ideas. The plan is to employ a local teacher for 2019 and look into a national teacher for 2020.
  • The VP’s for 2019 would like ideas and input for workshops and program ideas.  They are also looking for Guild members who would like to teach a workshop or give a program on a particular topic.  See Linda Walker or Taylor Opel with your input.
  • Officers for 2019 were elected.  They are: JoAnna Pearson, President; Linda Walker, Vice President for Programs; Taylor Opel, Vice President for Workshops; Pam Brandt, Secretary; Treasurer, Kathryn Shepard; Block of the Month, Vickie Gillespie; and, Members at Large, Monika Vining and Linda Jones.
  • Remember to park up the hill in front of the church if possible.  The parking outside the Fellowship Hall needs to be reserved for those of our members with mobility issues.
  • If you are participating in the Signature Club, the instructions are as follows:  you will make an 8 ½ inch block.  Background fabric is Kona Snow.  You will use an 8 ½ inch square of Kona Snow.  Sew two 5” square diagonally across opposing corners (like you are making a snowball block).  Only sew the two opposing corners.  In the middle section of Kona Snow, write your name, city from, Gala Quilt Guild, 2019/. Make enough for everyone participating to share.  These will be due at the February meeting.  See Rebecca Chester for more information (like how many blocks you will need to make  ).
  • Guild Yard Sale brought in $110 to the treasury.
  • To raise money for donations to St. Jude, Martha Brandt will be selling small items at December’s meeting.vvvv