February Newsletter 2019

The January 2019 meeting was attended by 31 members and guests. Prior to the meeting a workshop was conducted by Linda Jones using a stack-and-whack method to produce “presents or trees.” Then the dolls and accompanying small quilts from Linda Walker’s presidents’ challenge were presented to Adee Nelms from SBQ who is the liason with Hope Harbour. There was media presence of a reporter (Denise) for The Citizen newspaper and Chris Rutherford for BEAM TV who recorded the event.
Joanna Pearson presided and thanked all those attending; she also encouraged all to be actively involved to improve our guild experience. Joanna also introduced her president’s challenge which is for each member to produce two (2) quillows to be donated to the local foster care service. There will be a workshop in March for those interested.
Juanita Christian presented a program on the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star ruler by Deb Tucker. The ruler allows a quilter to make 10 sizes from 3″ to 12″.
OLD BUSINESS:  Kathryn Shepard reported the treasury holds $3209.74.
Rebecca Chester reminded members who want to participate in the signature block exchange to bring their blocks to the February meeting.  She suggested at least 12 blocks each or more in the case that participation increases. Signature blocks are to be made 8 1/2″ squares from Kona Snow with a 5″ square of the maker’s choice sewn diagonally to each of 2 opposite corners of each block. The middle section of the block should contain the following 4 lines: the maker’s signature, the city the maker is from, GALA Quilt Guild, and 2019.
Carol Bradshaw and Linda Hayes reported on changes to the Ft. Mitchell quilt show on 13 April 2019. New this year will be outside vendor tables for $25 each; vendor supplies the table and shade. A new category has been added for patriotic quilts – small, medium and large as in the other categories(new and vintage). There will be first, second, and third place awards in each.  Quilts are to be turned in 19-30 March 2019 at the local quilt shops or at the March meeting. The quilts will be hung 10 & 11 April with judging on 12 April.  Volunteers do not have to pay entrance to the site on Pioneer Day so SIGN UP to help out.
NEW BUSINESS:  A motion by Sydney Caldwell, seconded by Frances Thomason, was carried to obtain a letterhead and post office box for guild correspondence.
Taylor Opel discussed the interest expressed by BEAM TV to feature guild programs and workshops.
Interest was voiced by some members in having a guild sponsored table at Pioneer Day.
Vickie Gillespie gave instructions for the February BOM called “Cheers.”
BOM drawing winner was Linda C. Hayes.  Other drawing winners were Vickie Gillespie, Juanita Christian and Martha Donaldson.
REMEMBER: The February workshop will be a standing tool caddy and the program will be about cheap fabric sources.  Please park in the area the top of the hill across from the church entrance if you do not have mobility issues.

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