July Meeting 2021

GALA Quilters Guild Newsletter

July 9, 2021

Dear Guild Members and Prospective Members and Interested Visitors:

We had our first post-pandemic workshop and meeting back at the Trinity United Methodist Church on June 19th, and had a great turnout!  About 10 people attended the morning workshop presented by Rebecca Chester and her mother Agnes Grimes – they have vast sewing knowledge and experience and tutored us through the making of zippered scissors cases that turned out very well!  We had over 20 people for the afternoon meeting and program, and we are off to a great start.  Vickie Gillespie kindly volunteered to do the minutes which will be attached at the end of this newsletter

As acting secretary, I have now been able to happily delegate portions of those duties to Frances Thomason who has volunteered to record minutes for us now, and to Carol Bradshaw who is keeping up the active roster.  I have been managing the email Dodo group member list and keeping up with a secondary email list of prospective members and interested parties who also wish to keep getting our newsletters.  At the next meeting we should discuss managing our email Dodo list, which will cost $10/year when we go past 50 listings, which could easily happen soon.  In case you are wondering, the advantage of using email Dodo is that we all access the list simply by using that email address; so none of us have to keep an individual GALA email list in our personal computers or email systems or browsers.  I also want to thank Dee Hayes for taking over management of the webpage with Vickie and getting it updated!!  And for Vickie keeping up with our Facebook page.  So now we have a secretarial staff instead of a single person doing all those tasks – thanks, all!

Please join us for our next meeting on Saturday July 17th.  Please join us for the morning workshop to make placemats.  This is our ongoing President’s Challenge for the year 2021 – we will donate them to Meals on Wheels at the end of the year.  Linda Jones is coordinating the workshop.  I will be at the church by 8:30. Come set up your sewing area at 9:30 (or sooner if you’re an early bird too) and Linda Jones will begin formal teaching at 10:00

Patterns – provided by me and Linda Jones, but please also bring your own

Fabric – Linda recommends bring your orphan blocks, some strips, and squares, and scraps.  I am providing yards of a giant block and white polka dot print and some solid color FQs and scraps to go with that. I will also bring yardage of a sort of moss green batik if you have anything that could go with that. You could use jelly roll scraps and do an easy “quilt as you go” – we will show you how to do that if needed.  I am also bringing a lot of charm squares so you can simply do a patchwork of those.

Backing and binding – Linda is bringing yardage for that but please bring any scraps you can use and/or share.

Batting – Linda is bringing pieces approximately 15”x18” and I will bring some pieces also.

Irons – I know some of you like your own personal ironing station.  I don’t know how many of these the church electricity can handle but I think we could have one of two of you in the big room and a couple set up in the middle room.  We will also have 2 or 3 big boards in various places.

Also bring your sewing machine and usual sewing supplies, neutral thread, cutting board for your table, and perhaps notebook or graph paper.  Bring long and  large and small square and or rectangular rulers, will help cut for whichever pattern you use.  I will bring a lot.  Please label your rulers so they don’t get lost if you share.

Linda Hayes will be doing the afternoon program giving us a mini trunk show of scrappy quilts.

We will also do a sign-up for a group trip to Warm Springs on Saturday, August 14, with shopping at Sunday Best Quiltworks in Ellerslie also

Please refer to the Schedule attached to this email, along with a membership form you can print and mail in.  The minutes will also be attached.  

Linda Walker President and Secretarial Staff Coordinator

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