November Newsletter

Dear GALA Members and Interested Parties:
November Guild Newsletter:

I am pleased to announce that we will resume our monthly Guild Meetings on Saturday November 20th.  The hospitals are much less strained by COVID but please still be very careful.
The morning workshop (door open at 9, workshop at 10) will be making name tags from pre-cut felted wool shapes.  This is a HAND sewing project so you don’t need your machines unless you want to use decorative machine stitches on the wool shapes.  We will also have a lot of embroidery floss and yarn for “writing” your name on your badge.  I will bring scalloped-edge rotary cutters for further embellishing.  We will provide buttons and beads and hot melt glue and pinbacks, along with large eye needles for embroidering.  Please feel free to bring any of the above from your supplies or any other “bling” you can think of – pom poms, little fabric yo-yo’s, ribbon, sequins, applique shapes, whatever!!  And if you have enough to share that would be appreciated.
The afternoon meeting starts at 1 pm, and the program will be 5 of us who did a round-robin last year each doing a mini-demonstration of a technique that we used on a quilt. along with a showing of the quilts.
After the meeting we want to do our 2 1/2″ square exchange of Christmas/winter fabrics.  We will spread out our fabric piles in the middle room and circle around picking up one of each.  Please bring 30 squares each from 3 fabrics.  And please bring any extra batches of 30 squares if you can – since we will likely have visitors and newcomers who wish to participate too. And the more, the merrier.  Perhaps we can have a show-and-tell of what we make from them by next year.  Personally I think I am rustling up about 15 fabrics from my stash, and donations, and Alana’s estate of fabric.
Please DO NOT USE THE DODO email anymore.  I am going to discontinue using it because it is not working right and there is no response from their support so I think it may have been hacked.  I will come up with a Google email Group for us to use similar to the Dodo Email.  
If you wish to communicate to the whole group – you can “reply all” to this email, which is a little clunky.  Or just email me personally at and I will forward to the guild email list which I personally have built into my gmail address book.Or email the guild email box which I also get, and that is   That is the one that outsiders use to communicate with us.Please keep making placemats!  I have about 75 in my possession presently from those that have been turned in and hope there are lots more out there.  I printed out some simple fabricGuild labels that I am adhering with Heat N’Bond Ultra.  I have tested a lot of fusible stuff and that one seems to be the best for handling the washer and dryer.  It’s a bit stiff but does the job for a small project like this.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help adhere labels please let me know.  I am hoping we will invite a respresentative from Meals on Wheels to our December meeting for a little presentation.  And we should spread them out over the seats in the church sanctuary for an impressive picture too!
I am having a meeting on Wednesday November 10th from 12:00 to 1:00 at the Phenix City Library for Officers and anyone who has any Committee or other position or job within the Guild.  Please also come if you would like to have a position in the Guild in the future.  You can bring your lunch if you like, but wear masks when outside the meeting room. We will continue meetings like this on a regular basis as we get back into the swing of things.  I realize this is on a weekday so everyone will not be able to make it.   Often we have done these meeting during the lunch hour on Guild days so we can discuss whether we want to keep that arrangement going or do something different.  
Hope to see you all soon!Linda Walker

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