March 2022 Newsletter

Hope we will see you at our next meeting on Saturday, March 19 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Phenix City at 1600 5th Avenue.  (Park downhill on the 4th Avenue side)

Please review the attached minutes from our February meeting.  Also attached is the flyer for Pioneer Day at Fort Mitchell on Saturday April 9 where we will be having a Guild Quilt Display.  Please tell your friends and families about the event and check out Fort Mitchell Historic Site on Facebook.

We had a very nice presentation of our placemats to the CEO of Direct Services Corp which manages Meals on Wheels.  We had press coverage from The Citizen paper in Phenix City and from WTVM news! (see attached photo)

For our meeting on March 19:

Morning workshop starts promptly at 10:00, doors open at 9:30.  (call me if you’re there earlier so I can unlock door for you – usually knocking works unless I’m in back closets 706-662-5319)  We are sewing one yard bags with instruction by our Guild Member Linda Hayes.  We should be able to sew one and possible two in 2 hours.  We are sewing these throughout the year for a charity project.  Bring one yard fabric cuts if you have them, but we also have plenty of fabric in our guild stash to use.  Bring your sewing machine and basic sewing supplies.

At NOON we are having a Tea Party in Honor of National/International Quilting Month of March, and Day of March 19!.  Bring your favorite tea cup and if you’d like to share your favorite tea please bring that too.  We’ll have plenty available and alternate beverages too like cocoa packets, herbal tea, etc.  We will be serving small sandwiches and cookies.  (A fancy hat and white gloves are not required 🙂 )

Please bring 30 squares 2 1/2′ in size of 3 different spring fabrics (or more if you wish) – we are going to lay the piles of squares out on a long table and pick up one of each for our Square Exchange of this season.  A fat quarter yields at least 30 squares – this is a good time to cut up and trade those fabric pieces that have been stuffed in your stash unused. 

Our meeting is at 1:00.   Our program is about Quilts of the Underground Railway presented by our member Carol Bradshaw.

Please bring quilts that you plan to share for our Pioneer Day Display.

Please also bring items that you’ve made to donate for sale by the Guild at Pioneer Day.

Hope to see everyone there !  We have been having really great turnouts with new people every meeting!

Linda Walker

GALA President

GALA Quilt Guild February 19, 2022 Minutes
The workshop in the morning was a Jelly Roll race. Participants worked on making a charity quilt from Jelly roll strips. About 20 people participated in the workshop which was a very good turn out.
The regular meeting started out with all members going up to the sanctuary to view all of the placemats that were made for the meals on wheels program. About 350 placemats were made. These placemats were presented to Amy Bryan, CEO of Direct Services who manages meals on wheels services. The placemats were then packed up and members proceeded downstairs for the regular meeting.
Members are asked to bring in 2 1⁄2” blocks in spring colors. Bring in 30 each of 3 different spring colors to the March meeting. Later in the year there will be a patriotic swap.
We had four visitors including Pat Mistretta, from Columbus, Barbara Cotton, from Dothan, Becky Hooper from Buena Vista and Candy Howard from Gainesville, Georgia. Twenty-nine people attended the meeting. Juanita told about when they did the cutting for the Jelly roll kits. Linda Walker showed some Jelly roll quilts that she had made. The charity that will receive the quilts has not been determined.
There will be another Jelly roll race workshop on August 20. There will be another cutting day on a date to be determined.
The guild determined that they would purchase a roll of batting for charity quilts.
For those interested, there is a group that meets for a sit and sew at the Phoenix City library every Tuesday, Wednesday., and Thursday from 12:00 P. M. to 4:00 P. M.
In April members are asked to bring in signature blocks. The blocks should be 8 1⁄2 “ square of snow or some other light fabric. Two opposite corners should have a darker 5 1⁄2” square attached.
Juanita asked people to complete a survey.
The March meeting will be on national quilt day. Linda Hayes will do a workshop on one yard tote bag.
There will be a tea party at 12:00 noon. A sign up sheet was sent around to sign up for different things to bring. Carol Bradshaw is going to do a program on underground railroad quilts.
In April Rebecca Bush from The Columbus Museum will present a program on how they collect quilts, store and display.
In May there will be a workshop on a zig zag table runner.
There will be a workshop to make a Barn Quilt on the second Saturday in June, June 11. The time and price will be announced later. The workshop will be conducted by Dell McLendon at the pavilion at Fort Mitchell.
Everybody introduced themselves and told where they were from. Members were from as far away as Scotland and Germany and all over the United States as well as many from the Columbus/Phoenix City area.
Pioneer Day was discussed. There will be a table of things to sell and the money will go to the GALA Guild. Carol Bradshaw talked about different things that people can make to donate to sell. Among these was a rag wreath, straw wreath stuffed with 2 1⁄2” squares, mug rugs, napkins, placemats, bowl holders, potato holder, (microwave items need to be 100% cotton), jar openers, scarfs. Various kinds of bags. Members are asked to bring in items by the March meeting. Rebecca Chester will be responsible for pricing and selling items.
Another table will be available for members to sell their own quilts.
Members are asked to bring in quilts for the quilt display at Fort Mitchell. There will be two quilt categories, Christmas quilts and all other quilts. This will not be a judged show but there will be a viewer’s choice for each category. There is a form with two sides that needs to be filled out for each quilt. About 100 quilts are needed for the show. Members are asked to bring these to the March meeting.
Linda talked about a thank you from ALS for $250 donation.
Rebecca Chester talked about the Card Trick block that was made for Quilts of Valor. There was a record number of blocks.
Rebecca talked about the next block of month. This will be a hunter star. One 10” Kona snow and one 10” blue will be needed to make the block.
Quilts of Valor needs to be a minimum of 55” x 65”. The maximum is 72 x 90. The recommended size is 60 x 80.
Name tag drawing was next. To participate in the name tag drawing, you have to have a homemade name tag. Other drawings for sign in were drawn.
Juanita explained about a round robin row by row. Eleven people signed up. As each row is completed they will be exchanged and the next person will add a row. Each row must be either pieced or appliqued. This project starts in March. If someone wants certain fabrics, they can include them with their row.
Everyone enjoyed show and tell.

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