April 16, 2022 Meeting Newsletter

Dear Guild Members and Interested Others,

We hope to see you all at Pioneer Day this Saturday, April 9, from 9-3 at the Historic Fort Mitchell Site where the Guild is having a quilt display.  Some of you have volunteered to stay with the quilts, and some are working the sales table.  I hope you all get to the other activities and sites – I plan to be there early and all day and do it all!

I remind everyone to renew or start your membership with us.  I am happy to send the newsletter to anyone who is interested, member or not.  And if you are on the email list and no longer wish to be , please let me know and I will remove you – no hard feelings.  I am attaching a membership form so you can do it by mail or bring the form to the next meeting.  The benefits of membership include getting a GALA pin, being included in prize drawings every meeting, and getting a discount on Guild special workshop fees and supply fees.  During our last several meetings we have had a record number of new and returning visitors, and new members!  

Our next Guild meeting is on Saturday April 16th.  The morning workshop will be a sit and sew working on current Guild Projects. (Doors open at 9:30 and I’m there by 9:00 if you want to come early and help set up!)  We have more jelly roll quilt “kits” to be sewn, and turned in quilt tops that need to be pressed, and measured for batting, and have backings cut from fabric we have.  Also we have plenty of fabric to make more one-yard bags.  Those of you who learned how at our last meeting can teach anyone new this time.  We realize attendance may be low since Easter is the next day so we didn’t plan anything more extensive.

In the afternoon we will have Rebecca Bush from the Columbus Museum talk to us about the Museum’s quilt collection.

We will have a meeting at Noon of anyone who holds a Board or Committee position.  This will be held in the middle room, so please bring your bag lunch and a notepad.  We hope to do this more regularly if the world stays calmed down.  We plan to break at 12:40 so we are available to get the afternoon started.  We would appreciate a volunteer to be available to greet any newcomers arriving during that time as our Sunshine/Hospitality people will be at this noon meeting. 

Please remember to move some of your cars if the church lot gets full around lunch time to leave spaces for newcomers and those who need to park close to the door.  You can park in the lot at the intersection of 4th Ave and 16th Street which belongs to Uptown Jewelry and Pawn.  We have their permission.

We thank Toni Shah of the Citizen paper for her excellent write up of our placemat presentation, and for getting us into the paper’s ongoing calendar of events.

Juanita is collecting patterns for sewing machine covers, sewing aprons, and sewing machine “pockets” for underneath your machine.  She would like to use them for morning workshops.  She also wants to do a future workshop making mug rugs.  Patterns can be actual paper patterns she can copy, or website sources.

Those of you participating in signature blocks – please bring them to the April meeting.  Also those of us doing the Row By Row need to bring our quilts to the meeting.  If you cannot come, please contact the person you pass along to, and receive from, to arrange to get the quilts moved along.

When the meeting starts on the 16th, we would like to start with an “Icebreaker” and have everyone present a quick favorite tip on organization in your sewing area, so be thinking of something you can share (or show – if you have a prop).  Speaking of tips – I would like to restart “Tool of the Month” if we have a volunteer to take that on.  That person would present a tool to show everyone and briefly explain every month.  It can be a tool someone in the guild owns, or it can purchased and reimbursed by our treasurer (limit $15 please) and then given away as a prize in a drawing.  Let me know if you can coordinate this.

We need to start a Teacher Search Committee to arrange for an outside teacher to do an all-day workshop in later 2022, and plan also for 2023.  The guild should decide on a budget.  We have over $4000 in the treasury! We pay for the teacher’s travel and lodging and food, and teaching fee.  There are usually fees for kits and/or tools.  We charge guild members a reasonable fee to attend, and if there is room for outside attendees we charge more to them.  We need to determine a workshop location and are always open to your suggestions on inexpensive sites we can use that are conducive to such an event.  A hall with an elevated stage and adequate power supply would be ideal.

Carla has provided a brochure on a great site for a possible Guild Retreat.  We need to discuss this as a Guild and see what the interest is, then establish an organizing Committee to plan it for this year or next.

The VPs are planning an Ice Cream Social for our July meeting since we had such a great Tea last month.  We will get a calendar going of upcoming events since it seems like the world is more predictable now, and we hope that continues.

Please review the attached minutes from our last meeting as there are a lot of important items there. 

Hope to see all of you very soon!

Linda Walker, GALA President

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