October 2022 Newsletter

Dear GALA Guild and Followers:

We had another great meeting with very good attendance in September – thanks to all of you who attend and support the guild.  Our next meeting is Saturday October 15th (we always meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month) at Trinity Methodist Church at 1600 5th Ave, in downtown Phenix City.

For the morning workshop Frances and I are teaching a workshop on Seminole Piecing.  We have strips of fabric precut to make up your little “kit” to sew that day.  We have a few extras so you can come even if you didn’t sign up.  We plan to start teaching promptly at 10AM so please come early to set up your space.

Bring your sewing machine with a brand new needle in it (you will be sewing through several layers) and a rotary cutter with a new blade.  Bring a small ruler and small mat – you will be cutting 1 1/4″ segments.  Don’t bring a big mat. We have a lot of attendees and need to share 2 or 3 to a table. Bring small scissors and a stiletto if you have one.  I will bring some bamboo pointed skewers to use instead if you like.  Also bring a marking pen or pencil – can be permanent – marks won’t show.  Also bring an upright stitch cutter if you have one to cut blocks apart.  I have a few used Seminole Patchwork books to give away in a morning drawing!!

Some of us always arrive early to set up – by 9AM or earlier, and can use your help to set up signs, welcome table, workshop supplies, power cords and irons and boards.  Sometimes we need to drag around a few tables to arrange.

In the afternoon meeting, our own Judy Lyon will be giving us a slideshow/virtual trunk show of some of her quilts to tell us about “Modern Quilts – How I Make Them, How I Quilt Them”.

At 12:00 I want to meet with all officers and active committee members for about 40 minutes in the middle room please. Those members who can stay in the big room to welcome incoming members and possible newcomers will be very helpful during our meeting.  Also if you are interested in holding a position please attend and get a feel for behind the scenes excitement!!!.

Nominations for next year’s officers and positions will be announced.

You all are working on donation quilts and one yard bags and collecting items for the bags – especially we are looking for q-tips, brushes and combs, wash cloths, hand towels, socks and underwear, flip flops, razors and shave cream.

We will finalize the volunteers to work at Fort Mitchell’s Fall Festival on Saturday October 29 from 9-3.  We need help with sales and selling quilt raffle tickets and answering questions about the guild.  We will be having a small quilt display. Please contact me before the meeting if you have a fall themed quilt or sewn item that can be displayed that you would like to loan and bring to the meeting.  We will be setting up the sales items and display at Fort Mitchell the day before in the Visitor’s Center at 1:00 Eastern Time.  I believe we have a sign-up sheet started for all of that we can recirculate at the meeting.  Please bring any items you have made that you would like to donate for the guild to sell.  So far we have potholders/hotpads, scarves and hats, book weights, fabric ornaments, table toppers, covered notepads, pillow, zip pouches and more.

Please plan on bringing your friends and family to the Fort.  It is fascinating history, with vendors and blacksmiths (and us, of course).  There is the Visitor’s Center, 170 year old cabin, Trader’s cabin, Tavern, and fabulous carriage barn full of antique horse-drawn vehicles.  And of course the Fort itself is awesome.

For those of you who got a needle threader from me last meeting here is a video to demonstrate it in use.  https://instagram.com/p/CicneesAX2l/

Please review the attached minutes and upcoming schedule.  I will bring some schedule copies to the meeting for the welcome table.

See all of you very soon and happy sewing!

Linda Walker, President

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