2023 UFO Challenge

Gala Quilt Guild 2023
UFO monthly Challenge
This year you are being challenged to finish some of your UFO’s.
What is a UFO?

  • Any quilt related project or kit that you have started or
    have in your possession by March 2022.
  • These are YOUR projects, not things that you are making
    for others for pay.
  • A quilt must at least need a binding and a label to be
    considered a UFO.
    Do I have to make an entire quilt in one month?
  • No, if it’s a large project, it can be broken down into segments, one for each month.
  • If you are hand quilting a quilt yourself – break it down into doable parts. Show in the
    details on your list how much you plan to do each month.
  • Choose projects that have been started (but unfinished) or projects that need to be
  • The idea is to have some fun, keep the rules simple, and hopefully at the end of the year
    have fewer UFO’s.
    So, what do you need to do?
  • Sign up by the February meeting by
    o Completing the list of the 6 projects that you are planning to work on (be sure to
    make a copy for yourself).
    o Turn in your list to Juanita Christian along with 2 FAT QUARTERS entry fee.
    o Each person who signs up will be entered into a drawing for the fat quarters.
  • At the business meetings in March, April, May, September, October, and November,
    during Show and Tell, show what you have finished from your list that month.
  • If you do not complete what is detailed on your list, you will owe ONE FAT QUARTER –
    give to Juanita.
  • If you do finish what is detailed on your list, your name will be entered into the drawing
    which will occur at the end of the Challenge in December.
  • If you are not at the meeting for Show and Tell, you owe a fat quarter – UNLESS you
    send it by text to Juanita, email a completed picture to Juanita, or you have a friend
    bring in your completed project.
  • At the December meeting, a winner will be drawn to receive ALL OF THE FAT

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