Newsletter September 2018



  • Upcoming Events:
    • September Workshop – Alberta Powell will teach a workshop to make a Hexagon Centerpiece.  You will need the following supplies:  ½ yd for the center; ¼ yd each of two different fabrics; ¾ yd for backing and ¾ yd of batting.  Bring additional sewing supplies as needed.
    • Don’t forget to start getting together items for the guild yard sale in October with 25% of the proceeds going to the guild. Yard sale items are to be quilting and sewing related. More to come on that at future meetings.
    • November Workshop – Taylor Opel will be teaching a workshop on using Emily Doane’s Wheel.  Kits will be needed.  These had to be ordered by the August meeting.  You will also need fabric for background, backing, and binding.  Amounts needed will be posted closer to the program.
    • December’s meeting will be our annual social covered dish lunch.  Meal will begin at 11:30.

o    There is a new sit and sew opportunity at the PC-Russell County library from 10-4 each Tuesday.  Bring your own projects.  There are five machines available to be used.  Lunch is on your own.

o    Winners from August’s meeting:  Block of the Month – Linda Jones; Tool of the Month – Martha Donaldson; and, Nametag – Rebecca Chester

  • VERY IMPORTANT:  Quilts are needed for the library.  If you can bring one small quilt or medium quilt, please bring to any meeting for Linda Walker and she will take them to be hung. Maximum size can be 6 feet by 7 feet.
  • President’s Challenge will be to make soft dolls or animals as well as a doll-sized quilt to be given to boys and girls from one to six years old.  Quilts should be 24×24.  You may use a pattern of your choice or there will be patterns available for you to use.
  • Martha Brandt challenged the guild to make a block for October which is People with Disabilities Month.  The 12.5 block should focus on awareness for any disability, not including vision, auditory, speech, physical, etc.
  • We will have a committee to pursue having a national teacher at the guild.  Joanna Pearson, Linda Jones, Linda Walker, and Audrey Bergeron are the members.  Please give them any suggestions and ideas.  The plan is to employ a local teacher for 2019 and look into a national teacher for 2020.
  • A nominating committee has been selected for officers for 2019.  Alana Losonsky, Frances Thomason, and Agnes Grimes comprise the committee.  All offices (with the exception of treasurer) will need to be filled as well as a coordinator for block of the month.  Please contact any of the committee if you are interested.  Nominations will be placed in the newsletter for November and elected at the November meeting.
  • Charity Quilts: “Teal Magnolias” for women with reproductive cancers.  Bring 12 ½ in blocks in teal colors.  Use the May BOM star in teal and off-white background. You may bring a block of your choice in teal and off white for a sampler quilt.  You can continue to make blocks using any BOM pattern and teal and off-white or cream fabric.
  • Remember to park up the hill in front of the church if possible.  The parking outside the Fellowship Hall needs to be reserved for those of our members with mobility issues.
  • There will be a signup sheet in the next few months for those who would like to participate in a Friendship Quilt.  See Rebecca Chester for more information.
  • The Ft Mitchell Quilt Show will be held again in the spring.
  • Carol Bradshaw has tickets to raffle a quilt made by Cathy McVay from Kansas Troubles fabrics.  All proceeds benefit Ft. Mitchell Historical Society.  See Carol for tickets.
  • Southern Stitches in Thomaston is closing.  There will be an auction on October 6.  Antique machines, shelving, fabric, and other store items will be auctioned.  You may bring buckets of stash, etc. to auction off as well.  Call the shop in Thomaston prior to the auction for more info.


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